Scott Edward 1pcs men's single green white left hand golf microfiber nano non-slip breathable gloves

Product Information:

Product name: Men's left hand golf microfiber cloth gloves

Size :22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

Specification: 1 left hand

Material: Namib, Lycra

Color: Green and white

Performance: non-slip, wear-resistant, absorbent, breathable

Product features:

1. Elastic lycra: The joint of the glove is made of elastic lycra fabric, which is full of elasticity and can be stretched freely to fit the palm

2. Magic buckle: Velcro design can be freely adjusted gloves

Elastic, easy to wear, strong viscosity and full elasticity, flexible and more fit the palm

Tip: The size length of men's gloves is the length of the middle finger to the wrist. This number table recommends different sizes, the specific size according to the personal palm situation to choose, palm thicker please play one yard.