Scott Edward Knit Golf Club Covers, Set of 4 for Driver Wood*1, Fairway Wood*2 and Hybrid*1 (Black Red White Warning Stripes )

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Product Attributes:
Long Neck, Big Pom Pom,Double layers knitted, soft and thick,Washable and anti-pilling, to keep your golf bag ever new,Stretchable ,easy to put on and off,Eyes-catching colors combination, individualized and impressive

Knit Golf  club covers Set of 4 for driver*1 (460CC), fairway wood*2 and hybrid*1 (Utilities).Withrotating 4 number tags(available #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#X,#UT), Good Lookingand individualized.Anti-wrinkle anti-pilling, soft Acrylic yarn double-layersknitted. Washable to keep ever new look.Unisex.

Tags: knit golf head covers, driver cover,fairway woods, hybrid head cover.